Our Mission:


A powerful not-for-profit organisation and initiative bringing together the best of humanity to spark sustainable solutions for change on Lesvos and protect our ocean – now and in the future.


Our Mission

Working closely with our stakeholders and partners, we’re developing both short and long-term solutions to help heal Lesvos and to protect our ocean life. Based on everything the island stands for, we’re creating a continuous evolving concept that not only defines our new identity, but also our vision for the future.

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“Lesvos needs our support. The support of Greek business owners, creative thinkers, designers and builders. We should use the power of entrepreneurs to initiate changes and build a valuable venture.”

George | Vegan restaurant owner in Greece





Avlaki Hope Spot

Our Hope Spot at Avlaki represents life. It’s a Hope Spot for all that’s living and nurtured by our marine areas and waters. It signifies hope and peace, but it must be honored, respected, and protected for those who will come to enjoy and use it.



Introducing new forms of leisure like athletic, eco, research, educational, medical, wellness and emotional-experiential tourism, as well as social volunteerism. This of course also includes activities for outdoor adventurers, yoga and spiritual explorers and entrepreneurs.



In 2011 all of Lesvos was declared a UNESCO Geopark. This includes beautiful sites like the wetlands, petrified forest, natural thermal springs and exquisite wildlife and woodlands. We need to preserve our landscape – while attracting more visitors.

Digital Nomads Lesvos

Work in the world's most beautiful coworking space right next to the Aegean Sea and use your skills to help save the oceans. Work, volunteer, and live at Birds Bay and enjoy the best of life as a digital nomad/remote worker.



Countless square metres of real estate on Lesvos are empty. Vacant buildings drain the area of life, interaction and economy. What benefits can be created for Lesvos if these empty spaces, homes and stores are approached and occupied differently?



Recycling the excessive amount of waste left by the immigrant crisis into functional consumer products. This will stimulate employment and create extra revenues that can be used for other sustainable community initiatives.


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Talk about the importance of protecting our environment with your friends and family and share this website on your social media channels. Making a change is only a click away. 

Volunteering opportunities

Come and work on our "Living Lab" Projects and find new forms of tourism and alternative energies, find uses for vacant properties, or work on the Blue Heart Project. 

Come as a digital nomad

Work in the world's most beautiful coworking space right next to the water and use your skills to help save the ocean. Work, volunteer, and live at Birds Bay.