Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit organisation who together with a community of passionate people care about protecting our community - our ocean, our waters, our beaches - that provides life as we know it.

A group of ocean lovers, students, environmentalists, scientists, philanthropists, islanders, entrepreneurs, everyday individuals, volunteers, explorers, and more. A collective dedicated to harnessing the blue for social good, education, innovation, and to keeping our oceans, beaches, and marine ecosystems healthy to help sustain our beautiful planet.

Working closely with our stakeholders and partners, we’re developing both short and long-term solutions to help heal Lesvos. Based on everything the island stands for, we’re creating a continuous evolving concept that not only defines our new identity, but also our vision for the future.

By shifting away from traditional, dominating industry-government dyads, we can grow triadic relationships between universities, industries and governments and move towards a more circular sustainable economy.


People are
willing to change

“I think it would be unrealistic to think we can solve all the problems on the whole island at once, but I believe it could really work if we introduced new best practices and make it easy to follow them. People are willing to change, help and adapt. And we should help them do this!”

— Eleni | Local business owner in Petra


Ultimately, we’re rebuilding the image of Lesvos as a healing island and tourist destination. By bringing different communities closer together, we’re alleviating existing tensions between locals, expats, volunteers, NGOs and immigrants.

Healing Lesvos encourages design thinking and start-up methodologies. We’re fast tracking best-practice solutions, building capacity and sharing our knowledge and resources with our partners.

And by systematically measuring the impact of our initiatives, we can heal our island and share our lessons with the rest of the world.


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